Kerry Batty, graphic designer and stationery-maker at K. Batty Design & Stationery, started a blog to help drive traffic to her creative business. To Kerry, a blog was a great way to increase SEO, attract customers, and drive interest in her products and processes, plus she loves to write. Today she’s sharing what she wish she knew before starting her blogging journey.

1. It takes a (expletive) load of time. Planning posts, writing, linking, editing, proofreading…even thinking up topics all takes TIME. I wish I had planned more & started with a more solid understanding of creating & using an editorial calendar.

2. Like all good listings on Etsy, good photos on your blog = good traffic, shares, pins & reposts. Good photos usually also equal good content. Both of which take…you guessed it…time. It’s not that I didn’t know that. It is definitely a no-brainer. I just didn’t account for the extra time when I launched my blog. These days I try to make my shop photos do double-duty on my blog if at all possible.

3. It takes as much time to promote your blog as it does to promote your shop & products. If you build it, they (readers I mean) will not magically appear to read these posts you’ve spent so much time on. You must drive traffic to your blog the way you drive traffic to the site that actually makes you $$.

Having a blog is totally & completely worth while. It is a chore, but I do love it. Customers have definitely found me that way. I recommend anyone who is planning to start blogging about their business to have a clear idea WHY they are doing it, who they are trying to reach & do A LOT of planning before hand. I have resources on both of those topics (as well as promoting your blog) if you’d like them!

What are 3 things you wish you knew before …? Comment below or send an email to Katie at katie@tradeshowcamp.com.

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