At Tradeshow Bootcamp we know that people are in all different stages of their business journey.  Some of our alumni may be making final plans for the National Stationery Show and some may be just starting out with launching a website.  Today Ilana Zatkowsky of Sugar & Type is sharing three things she wishes she knew before starting her business journey.  Sugar & Type specializes in branding and paper goods, and the designs are filled with a ton of heart.

1. I wish I knew that the possibilities were endless!  Owning a business can mean so many things. it can mean setting your hours, or it can mean working around the clock.  You get to make that choice!  You’re the boss!  It’s hard to remember that when you’re thinking about everything else.

2. I wish I knew that it was okay to ask tons of questions.  I was nervous to reach out to people in the industry, and the response I got was overwhelmingly incredible.  Communities like TSBC exist to help!  They want you to succeed, and you’ll make incredible friendships along the way.  I often times feel like a five year old asking “why” “why” why”?  And that’s okay!

3. I wish I knew that there were so many others in the same boat.  Finding the TBSC and other communities where like minded people come together has been instrumental for me.  Chances are, someone else has been in my position, and maybe they can offer some insight, or just an outlet to talk about it.

Thanks Ilana!  We love your comments about finding a community – that’s part of why we started TSBC!

What are 3 things you wish you knew before …?  Comment below or send an email to Katie at

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