While we often talk about the National Stationery Show here at TSBC, NSS (and wholesale!) isn’t the only way to expose your work to the public. Craft shows are another great option for displaying and selling your work, and today Samantha Barsky is sharing three things she wish she knew before exhibiting at craft shows.  Samantha is the creator of note•ify, an eco-friendly, city-inspired paper products and soft goods company, and gift•ify, an online gift-giving service.  Read further to learn her hilarious and insightful pieces of advice.

1. Doing outdoor craft shows is always a little dicey, between the wind, the rain, and even the sun!  I’ve done shows where it has been so hot that the cards in their plastic sleeves build up condensation and start sweating.  Not a good look.

2. Also with outdoor craft shows, and some indoor ones, the bathroom situation is not the best.  I recommend bringing your own TP, hand wipes (no sinks), and using the bathroom before the end of the day when they are full (gross!).

3. The best part of doing craft shows is meeting your customers face-to-face and hearing their reaction to your work.  If you are doing wholesale as a primary business, this is a great opportunity to test out new products, and hear what people think of your tried and true products as well.

Thanks so much, Samantha!

What are 3 things you wish you knew before …?  Comment below or send an email to Katie at


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