15 01, 2016


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Jenn Pham Corbett Paper Camp speaker

February’s Paper Camp is fast approaching, and we’re thrilled to be adding a new speaker/panelist to our ranks.  Jen Pham Corbett, Co-founder and Creative Director of Farewell Paperie, will be joining us as we explore the ins and outs of the stationery industry and help attendees learn if wholesale and trade shows are right for them.  In addition to being a rockstar in the stationery world, Jen actually attended Paper Camp in 2012 and joined our webinars in 2013.  This background gives her a unique insight into what attendees really want to see in the courses, and we know she’ll be an invaluable voice in our panels.

TSBC sat down with Jen to get her thoughts on Paper Camp.

TSBC: What topic are you most excited to weigh in on at Paper Camp?

Jen: So many things! I’m super stoked to share our experiences beyond tradeshows to selling wholesale in general. It’s such a complex partnership between maker and buyer and the dynamics evolve as you grow—with the releases of new products, expansion of product categories within your line, bringing on sales reps, even working with other stores in the same market can affect a relationship with a buyer. We’ve worked with so many types of retailers large and small and there are experiences we never anticipated when we started out that I’m excited to share with the group, along with some approaches to selling wholesale that can help foster those good buyer vibes.

At the end of the day, though, I’m most looking forward to sharing a very important message Lisa and I always give to folks starting out: How absolutely possible it is for everything you’re dreaming of for your business to happen. Sometimes it even happens without a plan for how. You just have to start by knowing what you want and do a little more to work toward it every day.


TSBC: Having attended Paper Camp yourself, what is the best thing someone can do to prepare for the conference?

Jen: Uh, well, we just showed up. So start there. And of course, be open and ready to think A LOT about your business in ways you haven’t yet. If you’re an overachiever, you might even have a goal for what you most want to walk away from Paper Camp with, whether that’s a decision to jump right into an upcoming tradeshow, make the leap from your day job, take on wholesale after selling primarily retail, to continue to pursue your business at all. So many things swirling around in our brains, and having a specific question or decision in mind might help you focus on the right answers within the magnificent brain dump you’re about to experience. Or, if you’re like us: pen, paper, hopes, dreams.


TSBC: What were your main takeaways from Paper Camp that helped your business?

No one can do this alone. Find your support squad.

No one has to do this alone. Reach out and learn from everyone.

Get your shit together. Research, read, stalk, ask, list, double check, make a Plan B.

Don’t overthink it. Set the ball in motion and be ready to juke and jive as needed.

There is crying in small business. Weep if you must. Then get back to solving the problem and move forward.


TSBC: How has your business evolved since Paper Camp?

Jen: In every way we could have possibly imagined, including but not limited to cross-country moves, dozens of tradeshows, 12 stores to 500, new equipment, new products, sales reps, employees, big accounts, gone accounts, studio expansions, personal life takeovers, team dinners, team cupcakes, high fives, hugs, paper friends. So many paper friends. And we’re still evolving. In small business, you’re always a newbie at something.


Thanks so much, for your answers, Jen.  We love what you had to say and can’t wait for Paper Camp!



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7 07, 2015


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Business Camp Speaker Elyse Tepper

Elyse Tepper is the Director of Manufacturing at Knock Knock, a gift, stationery, and book publishing company in Venice, California. She spends her days looking at foil stamping books and glitter paper, reviewing schedules, pricing and specs, and (notably for us) sending emails to China.  Elyse has worked with factories overseas for more than fifteen years, managing production of items ranging from notepads to stuffed animals.  It’s this overseas experience that Elyse will be sharing at Business Camp.  On July 13 she’ll talk with us about Manufacturing Overseas: Is it Right for Me?

In this topic, Elyse will break down the process of working with overseas manufacturers – how it works logistically, when it makes sense financially, pitfalls to avoid, and how to find trusted vendors.  For anyone with a growing business and increasing production demands, this is an important topic to explore.  It’s all about what’s right for you and your business, and Elyse will give you the tools to make informed decisions.  Elyse has also worked at Little Brown and Co. and Chronicle Books, and this expertise helps round out the discussion.  We can’t wait to hear her talk!


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6 07, 2015


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Business Camp Speaker Beth Penn Bneato

I’m pretty sure that most people in business dream about having zero emails in our inbox.  Imagine being able to focus on the important tasks in front of you rather than worrying about what you might have missed in your email.  The good news is, Elizabeth Penn, founder of Bneato Bar, will be talking with us at Business Camp on July 13 and sharing all the tricks of the trade.  Email doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be the biggest chore of your day.  Beth will walk us through strategies for managing email including setting up systems, filters, and time saving apps, so we can get to zero inbox.  Yes, please!

Loving the ethos of living a simple life and helping others, Beth launched Bneato Bar to help thousands of busy individuals, families, and companies all over Los Angeles organize their lives. Her expertise lies in decluttering, organizing and helping individuals and small businesses obtain that coveted zero inbox.  We can’t wait to learn the strategies to get us there, too!

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3 07, 2015


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Business Camp Speaker Craig Hetzer

In order to have a successful business, you need more than one idea or product.  You need creativity, innovation, and you need to know your market.  At Business Camp, Craig Hetzer will tackle this subject head-on in his presentation on Product Differentiation.  Craig is currently Publisher at Knock Knock, an award-winning purveyor of witty books and paper products based in Venice, CA, and he has the perfect background to speak to this topic.

Craig began his publishing career in the early 1990s at Chronicle Books in San Francisco, CA, where his first editorial acquisition was the bestselling 52 Decks series.  By the time he left in 2002, Craig had helped launch the company’s first retail store and he had worked his way up through the creative ranks to Associate Publisher of the Gift Division.  At Knock Knock, Craig has been exercising his irreverent sensibility since 2009.  He often gets creative inspiration while stuck in traffic, or while peeling an orange at his desk.  We’re so excited to have Craig lend his voice and expertise to the topics of staying relevant in the market and creating products with a unique point of view.

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1 07, 2015


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Ellen Bennett Biz Camp Speaker

For any of you who wonder if Business Camp is geared mainly toward the stationery industry, the answer is a resounding no!  Our upcoming conference is aimed towards all creative business owners, and our diverse speakers reflect that.  Case in point: Ellen Bennett, founder of Hedley & Bennett, who will be joining us on our hiring panel.  While working in various restaurants throughout Los Angeles, Bennett noticed the mundane and stale look of the American restaurant uniforms.  What started as an experiment for one of her chef’s kitchens turned into a nationwide trend of culinary professionals donning Hedley & Bennett’s thoughtfully and well-constructed designer aprons.  In addition to being a savvy business woman, Ellen is an adventurer who spent four years living in Mexico alone, who climbed Mt.Fuji and who also spent time exploring Athens, Italy and South America.  Pretty amazing, right?

Ellen, who hires staff in a range of roles, will lend her voice and expertise to the exciting topic of hiring.  As a business owner, growing your company may mean bringing in extra help.  During the panel we’ll talk about the different types of employees as well as strategies for interviewing, training, hiring and firing, and more.  We hope to see you there!


** Update:  If you missed the in-person Business Camp, have no fear!  The online version, including Ellen’s hiring panel is available via our Business Camp E-Course!


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22 06, 2015


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Chelsea Shukov of Sugar Paper

Chelsea Shukov’s story is proof that when you have a great idea and work hard, you can establish a lasting, thriving business.  In 2003, Chelsea and her business partner, Jamie Groebecker, founded Sugar Paper after falling in love with the simplicity and nostalgia of letterpress printing.  Today the design studio and retail boutique is known for its design aesthetic, unparalleled taste, and perfectionism.  They have been featured in Martha Stewart weddings, VOGUE, InStyle, and Real Simple, to name a few, and we are so excited to have Chelsea speak at this year’s Business Camp.  Chelsea will join Katie Hunt of TSBC on a panel moderated by Carina Murray of Crow & Canary, discussing hiring strategies and the different types of employees.  Chelsea and Katie will also talk about interviewing, training, firing and how they knew it was time to bring in more support.  This is such an important topic for business owners, as having the right type of help can help make your business even stronger, and it can help you thrive in periods of growth.

When you join us for Business Camp you’ll not only see Chelsea and Katie, you’ll get a conference brimming with tools and tips to help your business succeed.  We hope to see you there!

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19 06, 2015


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Tara Gentile photo

Tara Gentile, business strategist and author of Quiet Power Strategy, is one of our speakers at July’s Business Camp and we couldn’t be more excited.  Tara will be speaking about how you position your company for success – that is, how you craft your business’s stories to stand out in crowded markets, attract fiercely loyal customers, and garner praise from influencers.  Perception matters, and with Tara’s insight you’ll learn how to evaluate the way your business is perceived and develop your brand’s story.

If anyone is going to talk about it’s Tara.  She works with entrepreneurs and idea people to help them leverage their Quiet Power and build businesses that generate wealth, peace, and ease.  Her clients learn to lead themselves and their businesses based on what makes them most effective and compelling.  Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and in the New York Times bestselling book The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.  She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and the New Economy all over the world.  Tara’s presentation will be one for the books and we’re already sharpening our pencils to take notes!  Sign up today to join us at Business Camp.

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8 06, 2015


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If anyone knows that business is a winding road, it’s Jen Gotch, founder of Ban.do.  Ban.do is a multi-million dollar accessories company that got its start in Jen’s living room, and at Business Camp on July 13, Jen will share her story, along with tips for managing your company’s growing pains.  Jen is known around the internet for her amazing sense of humor (check out her instagram account) and she’s passionate about growing Ban.do’s super fun brand, all while helping share her experiences with others.

Jen has worked as a bartender, a cleaning lady, an art teacher, barista, rickshaw driver, molecular biologist, photographer and prop stylist.  Ok, one of those may have been a lie, but only one, she swears!  She hopes all of this combined experience can help you avoid some of the harder parts of business. She’s an incredible public speaker and super savvy business lady.  We can’t wait to see her presentation!

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