6 12, 2016

Paper Camp: Your Ticket to Business Growth

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Paper CampThe entrepreneurial world can feel very lonely. You’re working on your own, trying to make headway in your business and figuring things out as you go. Sometimes you’re lost. Sometimes you’re jumping for joy. And all the while you feel like you don’t have anyone to share any of it with. But there’s a whole community out there to help you and support you—if you only know the right places to look.

That’s where Paper Camp comes in!

Paper Camp is your go-to resource for all things paper, wholesale and tradeshows. It’s a community of like-minded business owners whose top priority it is to build and grow together to make each business stronger, lifting up the stationery community.

This two-day event is jam-packed with everything you need to know about creating a product line, taking it to market and exhibiting at large-scale wholesale shows. And after two days of action-provoking information, you’ll have a better idea of where you want to go next in your business, along with the tools, resources and confidence to get there.

We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. And we don’t believe in pitting similar businesses against one another. There’s room for us all in the marketplace, and strategically marketing yourself to the right audience will help your business grow.

At Paper Camp, you’ll learn exactly what you need in your tradeshow booth—including where to splurge and where to pull the reins in. We’ll talk about how to go wholesale with your business and what to look for in a partner. And we’ll wrap it all up with how to market your business and prep your budget and calendar for your next event.

But really, community is what we love to celebrate at Paper Camp. Our panel of experts have been there and done that. And so have many of our attendees, because camp is not just for those new to the business. We all learn and grow together, no matter where you are in business. #alwayslearning

This our 10th Paper Camp conference and we’ve got several fun surprises planned. Early bird pricing ends January 6 and we always sell out, so don’t delay. We can’t wait to see you there! Sign up now!

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27 01, 2016


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“Katie has created an incredibly well-organized and detailed teaching plan to make every participant gain knowledge that will improve their business. I learned an incredible amount; from being taught industry standards, hearing from industry professionals, and asking questions in an active forum. I would recommend this to any and all paper people!” — Kirstie Lee, A Jar of Pickles

When we launched our Paper Camp e-course in fall 2015, our goal was to bring most of the same great content from Paper Camp to your living room (or office, or bedroom, or wherever you choose to take your class).  We did this by combining tangible information about industry standards, stories and advice from industry leaders, weekly office hours with Katie Hunt and an active forum of participants.

We know that everyone has a different style of learning and we’re thrilled to hear that the Paper Camp E-course format resonated with Kirstie at A Jar of Pickles.   We want all campers to walk away with the knowledge to improve their business and make big things happen!  Thanks for sharing, Kirstie!

What is your preferred learning style?  Do you like online courses where you can go at your own pace or do you prefer to meet in-person with other creative entrepreneurs?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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20 01, 2016


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“TSBC has been Amazing!! If all I had walked away with was the confidence that I was doing everything right, it would have been completely worth it. However, luckily I got so much more than that! Sessions on specific topics, formatted around candid conversations between people who are living this day-in/day-out and survived to tell the tale is invaluable. Katie could put out a textbook with all the information, but wisely, by using this structure of conversation each session is jam-packed with nuggets of knowledge that a textbook could never capture.” — Lori Danelle Wilson, Home Again Creative

In 2015 we launched Paper Camp in a new format: an e-course designed to give attendees the ability to learn in a flexible environment, and the feedback is in!  We’re so thrilled that the e-course was a success and we love that this quote from Lori at Home Again Creative touches on the structure of the course.  We believe in the power of community, and the sessions were designed to capture that feeling.  When you combine nuts-and-bolts information with real-time conversations, the result is a dynamic course that supports learning for both the future and the moment you’re in.  We’re glad it helped!

Join our mailing list to learn when the next Paper Camp E-course will be offered!

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11 12, 2015


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“I learned to keep things simple and not overthink things. I know I should have a strategy to break down [the show]. I can start in local city of Chicago and not feel pressure to jump right into NYC etc.” – Nicole Pearson, Mia Soho Paperie

It’s easy to feel pressure to attend the biggest events and to check off the biggest accomplishments on your business’s goal list, but there’s another, more simple way of doing things.  Start with the small, achievable steps to move you in the right direction.  Not ready for a big show?  No worries!  Test the waters by displaying your work at a local show, and then use the knowledge and resources you’ve gained when you plan your next show.  Exhibiting at a large wholesale show may not be the best thing for you or your business, and that’s ok.  When you do decide to exhibit, have a strategy for every aspect of the show, including break down, to make your life easier.  And at the end of the day, trust your gut and have fun.

We only have 8 seats remaining for Paper Camp in February.  We hope you’ll join us!

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18 11, 2015


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“I learned concrete tips like I should have vertical cards, got great booth design advice and encouragement to keep going.  Turn down the BS and turn up the fun!” — Lily Smith+Kirkley, Lilco Studio

It’s always fun to see what information our Paper Camp alumni have taken to heart and this quote from Lily at Lilco Studio has the best of both worlds: tangible information about card sizes and booth designs and that intangible feeling you get when you come together with your community.  We’re thrilled that Lily walked away with concrete information that she can act on to improve her business.  We also love that she received the support to keep up her momentum and her good spirits!

You, too, can join in the fun.  Our next Paper Camp session is coming up in February in Los Angeles, and we’d love to see you there.  Just like Lily, you’ll get actionable advice and join a community of peers who offer invaluable friendship and advice.  Don’t forget, scholarship applications for Paper Camp are due by this Friday.  Be sure to turn in your details for a chance to win a full tuition scholarship.


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9 11, 2015


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“I have a new focus this year.  I have a new starting point and a burst of energy.” – Jeanette Champion-Fanning, Sweet Perversion

What you learn at Paper Camp can open new doors for your business.  You might walk away with the reassurance that you’re already on the right track or, like Jeanette from Sweet Perversion, you might set your sights on new goals.  Either way, we know you’ll walk away inspired and with have a fresh outlook on your business.   You’ll also have fresh knowledge from our speakers – who have over 88 years of combined industry experience! – and the tools to take your next steps.

If you’ve been thinking about entering the wholesale market or exhibiting at a large trade show, it might be time to add Paper Camp registration to your holiday wish list.  Our next Paper Camp conference is coming up in February 2016 in Manhattan Beach, California, and if you register by January 6th early bird rates apply.  Visit our Paper Camp website to learn more about this 2-day business camp.  We hope to see you there!


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26 10, 2015


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“I came away knowing what I need to know for when I am ready to exhibit.  I am armed with information.” — Ashley Little

This quote from Ashley at Little Print Design is music to our ears.  Paper Camp is designed to give you the information and tools you need for taking the next steps in your business and we’re glad that Ashley came away with what she needed to know.  We also love that Ashely points out she’ll use the information when she is ready.  There’s no one formula or path to success – you have to take the steps for your business that are right for you at the right time.  But, when you’re armed with info it is easier to make smarter decisions.

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7 10, 2015


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Overheard at Paper Camp Julie


Julie O’Brien is one of our amazing speakers at TSBC’s Paper Camp, with a range of knowledge and experience in the stationery industry.  Julie’s retail shop Sweet Paper offers wedding and event invitations, personal stationery, party decorations and more.  When it comes to sourcing new products for her shop, Julie says, “I stick with the original.  If a line is too similar to another line, it’s a deal breaker.”  This is such a great reminder to do your own thing.  Buyers want fresh voices and ideas.  If they see a product that looks too much like something they’ve seen before, they are unlikely to buy it.  The good news is that there are ways to get out of the rut and to differentiate yourself.  Jump over to our blog post about Product Differentiation to learn more.  We’ll be covering tips like these, along with other actionable items for your business at Paper Camp in February.  Join us!

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28 09, 2015


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overheard at paper camp don't compare



Paper Camp is designed to help you move your business forward which is why we love hearing tips and techniques that help you do this.  Among the is this fantastic quote from Katie Schaeffer of Sugar Paper.  Katie reminds us, “Don’t ever compare your work to others.”  It’s simple, elegant advice.

The comparison game can become a trap, keeping you away from actually focusing on the work to be done.  When you are caught up worrying about what everyone else is doing, it can lead to stagnation in your own work, or worse, copycat syndrome.  Further, it’s not fair to yourself to compare your work to that of someone else, as you may be in very different places in your individual businesses.  Your business is unique and you need to trust that your own position and insights have value.  Keep you eyes on your own page and make your work the very best it can be.  As long as you keep moving forward, you’re one the right track.

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16 09, 2015


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Happy Wednesday, friends!  It’s the middle of the week so why don’t you treat yourself?  Pour yourself a warm, cozy drink, grab a snack and pull up a chair to watch the highlight video from Business Camp.

We welcomed 100 creative entrepreneurs to Los Angeles this summer to provide solutions and strategies to push their businesses forward.   Our focus was on business operations – working smarter, not harder – and our wheels are still spinning from all that we learned.

Our talented speakers shared hands-on, practical information about building a brand, surviving business growth, product differentiation, telling your business story and taming that unruly inbox.  It was a great day and if you’re interested in joining us next time, sign up for the interest list when you watch the video!

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