18 12, 2015


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One of our goals at TSBC is to help you determine if wholesale opportunities are right for your business.  Recently in our alumni forum one person asked, “Who is doing Etsy Wholesale?  Why or why not?”  This led to a deep discussion of the pros and cons.  Some business owners found it to be a great way to connect with new wholesale accounts, while other shops declined because it would mean paying double commission in territories where they already have reps.

There are so many ways to find new wholesale accounts, even if you’re a self-proclaimed, “bad salesperson.”  Between hiring sales reps, trying out services like Etsy Wholesale, and reaching out to stores yourself, there are options!  To help you find the path that’s right for you, we highly recommend joining us at our upcoming Paper Camp.  In addition to actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, you’ll join our alumni community for camaraderie, advice, and support well after the event.  There are just a handful of spots left, register today!

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7 09, 2015


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One of the reasons we founded TSBC was to give the paper community a chance to come together to share information about exhibiting at trade shows.  The National Stationery Show, or NSS, is one of the largest of the shows and it is held annually in New York.  At Paper Camp we help you evaluate if exhibiting at NSS, NY Now or other wholesales shows are the right step for your business, and, if so, we help ensure you’re ready for the show.  One of the most important ways to ensure you’re prepared for the show?  Apply for your booth early so you have a better selection of booth options!

This week in our forum one of our alumni asked, “Does anyone know what the deadline is for NSS 2016 applications? After two years planning and over-thinking, I think we’re finally ready to join you cool cats and exhibit. Now hoping that it’s not too late.”  Other alumni joined the conversation to share deadline information as well as opinions on ideal booth locations.  We love this community!  When you attend Paper Camp we’ll help you create or refine your wholesale program, navigate trade show logistics, and you’ll also be part of a community filled with friendship and on-point advice.

P.S.  Paper Camp for September is all sold out, but seats are available for February 2016.  Get the details here!

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12 08, 2015


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Trending in TSBC forum Be Strategic


Our alumni are not only full of talent, they’re full of great advice!  One of the discussions happening in our alumni forum is worth a highlight: what works for one business may not work for yours.

Be strategic, focus on what you do well, and create your own plan of attack.  It’s good to know what your industry and peers are up to, but don’t get caught up in the comparison game.  Do what works best for you and your business and you’ll be successful.

Beautiful image created by #TSBCalum Belle and Union for our Paper Camp conference.


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24 04, 2015


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“As I was reading everyone’s goals for the week I though it would be good to remind you all of something we say at Paper Camp. It’s just paper!  I know you all have been working so hard and so diligently but if something doesn’t make it in because of time, don’t fret! Think of it this way…if it’s not ready for May, it’s ready for fall releases and you’ll be ahead of the game!  Take it from me: get sleep, eat, try to take a walk or get some exercise in. It’s more important that you are well and at the top of your game so that you can sell your work at the show. It’s just paper and your health and well being are more important! Now get some coffee and knock some stuff out but remember why you do what you do…because you love it!” — Claudia Smith, Fig 2. Design Studio

Have I mentioned before how much we love our Tradeshow Bootcamp Counselors?   Take this quote from Claudia Smith, whose warm advice in our alumni forum brings an amazing dose of perspective at an overwhelming time for many of our alumni.  We appreciate the gentle reminder to take care of ourselves and to focus on why we’re in this industry in the first place – because we love it.

A perk of attending TSBC is access to this alumni forum, which is filled with business collaborations, shared ideas and resources, and a mutual love for stationery.  Conversation between our speakers and students continues year-round, and the insights from our peers often come when they are most needed.  Thanks for the words of wisdom, Claudia!

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25 06, 2014

TRENDING | Craft Show Displays

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Trending in Alumni Forum | Craft Show Displays

Summer craft shows are almost upon us and our alums are busy getting ready.  The topic of display options came up in our alumni forum this week and lots of resources, ideas, links and photos were shared, including these beauts!  Trending Craft Show DisplaysTop left is a custom built booth for Sweet Perversion featuring hard walls and hard shelves.  Jeanette digs the look but says it is a pain to set-up.   Top right is a custom case that folds up like a suitcase built by Adam at Life is Funny — super handy and holds 40 cards.  Bottom left is Shayna from Steel Petal Press who uses a 6 tier wire frame counter top display.  And, bottom right is K. Batty Design‘s booth, which utilizes a lot of vintage boxes and a vintage suitcase to house her monogram cards.

What types of displays do you like to use for craft shows?    And, which shows are you doing this summer?

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6 06, 2014

TRENDING | Accounting 101 Webinar

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Trending in Alumni Forum TSBC Webinar Accounting 101

This week’s TSBC webinar, Accounting 101:  Know Your Numbers hit a high note with our alums.  Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros walked us through how to read & analyze our financial reports so that we’re making better decisions for our businesses. She also talked about pricing products in correlation with business growth & sustainability, recommending that everyone should be reviewing & raising their prices every year.

I think Alum, Sara Tejada of Ink Letterpress summed up the workshop best, “mind blown!”

Thanks for joining us, Michelle!

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12 05, 2014


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trending nss prep alumni roster

With the Signature Mix/National Stationery Show a mere 6 days away, our Alumni forum has been crazy active. Crates, pallets, catalogs, press kits, best new product awards, parties! You name it, we’re chatting about it.

70 TSBC alums will be exhibiting at the show this year and we hope you’ll stop by and pay them a visit. We’ll have copies of our roster in the Tradeshow Bootcamp Booth #1850, or you can download your copy: TSBC_NSSRoster

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