Dear Camp Counselors,

I know I need to make a wholesale catalog to showcase my work, but I’m getting overwhelmed.  How often do I need to make one?  What’s the most important thing to consider?  Help! — Stella

Dear Stella,

Don’t stress – catalogs can be a big undertaking, as they are time intensive and costly to produce.  But after your first one is complete, you don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel.  As a rule of thumb, catalogs should be printed every 12-18 months and an online version should be updated every few months as you add new product.  Be sure to send your updated online catalogs to your buyers & reps as they are available!  If you plan to exhibit at an industry trade show, it would be wise to have a current catalog available.

As far as the content, thorough product descriptions and product photography are key.  Photos are preferred over digital images, and people respond well to styled photos.  It’s worth splurging on a professional photographer, if you can.  Keep your product details clear: item numbers, product specs, production methods, paper type, wholesale pricing, etc.  And make sure it’s easy for a reader to find your contact information.

For more information about catalogs, tune into my CreativeLive class on February 11th focused on Creating Effective Catalogs. You can watch the recording of this broadcast right here.

Good luck and happy selling,

Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp

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