Dear Camp Counselor,

I’m feeling overwhelmed.  How do I get electricity in my National Stationery Show booth?  And where do I order it from?  Help!


Hi Tara!

The answer is a two step process:

Step 1: Order electricity through Javits (you can do this online) and most people are fine with the 500w service, especially in smaller booths. Order more if you have a double booth or plan to use high wattage lights or electronics.

Step 2: Bring several extension cords, surge protectors, lights and bulbs. You’ll plug into the master outlets and run your lights into your booth. But make sure to read your exhibitor manual so you know how many lights you can install yourself without having to hire labor to do it for you – it varies by booth size.

There are a few caveats to the steps above if you’re renting lights, which I talk about in the Booth Design + Logistics online crash course which is available until May, but this will get you started!

Good luck!

-Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp