Dear Camp Counselors,

I’m fairly new to selling wholesale and I want to make sure I don’t miss the boat on releasing new products.  Is it too late in the year for me to release holiday cards?  If it is too late, what should I be working on?

— Jenn

Dear Jenn,
It’s never too late to release cards for direct sale to your customers, so please don’t hesitate if you have some great seasonal designs you want to get out into the world.  That being said, I typically recommend releasing your winter holiday cards in May/June, as buyers typically work a few seasons ahead when making purchases.  September and October, however, are ideal times to release your Valentine’s Day or new love designs.  You can also plan to release calendars in January, although keep in mind you should be working one year out.  That means in January 2016 you’ll be releasing your 2017 calendar.
Best wishes,

Carina Murray, Crow and Canary

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