Dear Camp Counselors,

I’m beginning to work on booth designs for next year’s shows and there are a ton of options.  How can I keep focused and pick what’s best for me?

— Valerie

Dear Valerie,

Kudos to you for working ahead and planning your booth in advance.  It’s the best way to narrow down your selections and vendors, and to save money in the process.  The key here is to choose what works for you.  Make sure the elements in your booth represent your branding as well as your budget.

When you’re crunching the numbers, be sure to weigh the time involved as well as the financial cost of each option.   Using DIY methods may cost you less money but also require additional time.  You may find that outsourcing certain tasks can save you an extra day’s time during set up and therefore hotel, transportation and food costs for that extra day; so keep an eye on the big picture.

Consider investing in items that can be reused at multiple shows – floor tiles are a great example of this.  Take into consideration how easy your booth components are to transport.  Will you need to ship in a crate, can you carry it on the plane or drive it in?    If you need help with vendors, check out our TSBC sponsor list for our preferred vendors.

And, lastly, remember to be decisive.  Don’t waste time second guessing yourself or doubting your decisions.  Do your homework, weigh the pros/cons, then make a decision and move on to your next task!

Good luck,

Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp

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