dear counselor etsy pricing and wholesale pricing

Dear Camp Counselor, I design greeting cards that I currently sell on ETSY. I’m interested in moving into wholesale but am unsure how to price my products. What is the difference between wholesale and retail pricing? – Tara

Hi Tara, Wholesale pricing is the price that a store buyer pays for your product and a retail price is the price the end consumer pays in a store or online shop. As a manufacturer, you set the wholesale price (make sure it’s enough to cover all your current and potential costs … don’t forget things like including margins for hiring assembly help and rep commissions). When a retailer buys your product they will mark up your prices by at least double. For example, if you sell a greeting card for wholesale cost of $2.50 to a retailer, the retailer will turn around and sell the same card in her shop for a retail price of at least $5. You should never sell your own product to the public at less than double your wholesale cost. Good luck! —Erika Firm, Delphine

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