Dear Camp Counselor, I want to sell greeting cards wholesale. What is a standard minimum quantity requirement? — Jade

Dear Jade, Typically greeting cards are sold in quantities of 6 or 12 per sku/style. This is a widely followed industry standard and it is acceptable to require a retailer to stick to these minimums.

The other minimum you’ll want to consider is your opening order minimum; the dollar amount they must meet to place an order.  In the stationery industry, this is typically $100 or $150 for an opening order and $75 for reorders.  Whether you charge $100 or $150 for an opening order will depend on the types of products you sell, print methods used and the size of your line.  You want to make sure that you have a large enough line that retailers can easily meet your minimum order, without having to purchase everything in your line. Good luck with the wholesale line!

Katie Hunt, Founder Tradeshow Bootcamp, Los Angeles, CA

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