Dear Camp Counselors NSS applications

Dear Camp Counselors,

When should I apply to exhibit at the National Stationery Show?

– Catherine

Hi Catherine,

The National Stationery Show happens each May in New York City.  Returning exhibitors received their contracts this summer and had an opportunity to re-sign and/or shift booth spaces before new exhibitors were contacted.  However, new exhibitors are starting to hear back about booth placement now.

As a new exhibitor, there are benefits to applying early, including better booth options and more time to promote that you’ll be at the show. As the show gets closer and more people sign up, options become limited with corner booths with the smallest (60sq ft) booths being the first to go.

You’re not too late to submit for 2016.  But, things are underway so if you know you want to exhibit, be sure to contact the NSS team.

Best wishes,

Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp


National Stationery Show was a sponsor of this September’s Paper Camp.

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