Dear Camp Counselor, I want to get more press for my greeting card company. What should I put in a press kit and how many should I bring to my trade show? — Stephanie

Dear Stephanie, Kudos to you for working to get more attention for your designs.  A press kit is a great way to get your brand in front of key media, particularly at trade shows.  You want your press kit to mirror your company branding so that it stands out but you also want to build it with the press in mind.  So, determine what type of information the press would need to write a story that includes you.  Most press kits include a press release, information about your company such as an “About Us” sheet, a catalog, sample products and promotional materials for the show.  Be sure to include your contact information in several places so that the media can get in touch with you.  Press kits are best for traditional media as opposed to bloggers.

In terms of how many press kits to bring, we recommend bringing 30-40 to the show and keeping at least 10 with you in your booth.  The first place the press stops when they get to the show is the press room, where they get their badge and look through press kits.  However, when you leave your press kits in the press room, you have no way of tracking who picked them up.  If you hand out press kits in your booth, you can collect a business card for follow-up.  Have fun spreading the word!

– Claudia Smith, Fig. 2 Design Studio

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