How To Budget for a Trade Show

How To Budget for a Trade Show

Dear Camp Counselors, I’m interested in exhibiting at either NY Now or the National Stationery Show, but I have no idea what the overall cost would be to exhibit. What is a realistic budget for a first time exhibitor? -Amy

Dear Amy, Great question! The key is to determine very early on how much you want to spend on your show. Set priorities and consider available time versus money when setting your tradeshow budget. How much do you want to DIY vs outsource? Where are you traveling from and how early did you start planning for the show?

Our TSBC alums spend between $7 – 10k on shows such as the National Stationery Show and NY NOW. Can it be done for less? You bet. Do some people spend more? Sure do. Choose a realistic number that you can afford, then stick to it. – Katie Hunt, Kelp DesignsTradeshow Bootcamp

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