We have long been fans of Stationery Trends, a best-in-class magazine focused on the stationery and gift industries, and after their last issue we may have fallen even more in love.  The Summer 2015 edition has TSBC all over it!

  • Our Paper Camp conference was profiled as “An Event to Remember” on pages 32-35!
  • TSBC alum, Underwood Letterpress was featured on the cover (Fun fact: TSBC alums have been on 3 of the last 5 covers!)
  • 23 of the 36 women highlighted in The Strong Women of Stationery article are TSBC alums!

There’s nothing we like better than seeing our community thrive, and this issue is especially meaningful to us as it highlights so many of our amazing TSBC alums. It’s not easy to be a business owner, but their hard work is paying off.  Congrats to everyone featured and thanks for highlighting Tradeshow Bootcamp as well!

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