Just trust us You set the Rules

You’ve heard us say it before and as we enter this busy holiday season it bears repeating, “You set the rules.”  Every day you’re faced with tough decisions and new challenges, but the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you have the power to say yes or no.  You can shift gears if something isn’t working and you get to determine when to push pause and when to move forward.  Never forget that it’s your business and you’re in charge!

Though the upcoming season may be packed with order fulfillment, holiday rushes, and late nights, know that you’re the one in control.  Take the time for self care when you need it and never forget that you have a community of supporters.  Keep your values in mind for both your business and personal life, and trust your gut to know what’s right.  You’ve got this!

Picture by Crow and Canary. Coaster designed by TSBC alum The Paper Cub Co. for Paper Camp.

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