Lingo Elevator Pitch

Quick!  You’re in the elevator with the main buyer of a large retail store and she asks you what you do.  What should you tell her?  You should use your elevator pitch, of course!

An elevator pitch quickly describes your business and your offerings, as well as what sets you apart.  For example, we love this pitch from Julie Ann Art: “Julie Ann Art specializes in hand-lettered greeting cards you definitely won’t find at Hallmark!”  An elevator pitch can be between thirty seconds to two minutes, but it’s often handy to have a few different versions.  You can expand upon your initial pitch if you have more time.

Crafting your elevator pitch is an important exercise and as a bonus it can help you gain more clarity on your business.  Things to consider: What are you known for?  Do you use special materials?  Have a unique design aesthetic?  Once you’ve got it down, practice saying it out loud to friends and family.  Practice makes perfect!

Tip: When you see stationery peers at an event, it’s always fine to strike up a conversation but use your good judgement.  Pouncing on someone while they’re waiting to use the restroom may not be the time and place.

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