Foam board is a popular wall choice for trade shows due to its flexibility, price point and ease of use.  Some of our alums choose to install foam board themselves, however I always hire our friends at Manny Stone Decorators to install it for me so that when I arrive at the show my walls are up and ready for me to add product.  Huge time saver!

Foam board panels are 4ft wide x 8ft tall and they MUST be flame resistant.  Manny Stone Decorators offers white, solid color options and they can also pre-print graphics directly on the boards for you (check out TSBC alum, Ten Four Paper’s NSS 2014 booth below as an example of the pre-printed option!)

Don’t confuse foam board with foamcore, which is a brand name item by Monsanto that is NOT flame resistant. Make sure you’re up to code!



photo credit: Megan Lawler for Tradeshow Bootcamp


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