“I learned concrete tips like I should have vertical cards, got great booth design advice and encouragement to keep going.  Turn down the BS and turn up the fun!” — Lily Smith+Kirkley, Lilco Studio

It’s always fun to see what information our Paper Camp alumni have taken to heart and this quote from Lily at Lilco Studio has the best of both worlds: tangible information about card sizes and booth designs and that intangible feeling you get when you come together with your community.  We’re thrilled that Lily walked away with concrete information that she can act on to improve her business.  We also love that she received the support to keep up her momentum and her good spirits!

You, too, can join in the fun.  Our next Paper Camp session is coming up in February in Los Angeles, and we’d love to see you there.  Just like Lily, you’ll get actionable advice and join a community of peers who offer invaluable friendship and advice.  Don’t forget, scholarship applications for Paper Camp are due by this Friday.  Be sure to turn in your details for a chance to win a full tuition scholarship.


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