“I learned to keep things simple and not overthink things. I know I should have a strategy to break down [the show]. I can start in local city of Chicago and not feel pressure to jump right into NYC etc.” – Nicole Pearson, Mia Soho Paperie

It’s easy to feel pressure to attend the biggest events and to check off the biggest accomplishments on your business’s goal list, but there’s another, more simple way of doing things.  Start with the small, achievable steps to move you in the right direction.  Not ready for a big show?  No worries!  Test the waters by displaying your work at a local show, and then use the knowledge and resources you’ve gained when you plan your next show.  Exhibiting at a large wholesale show may not be the best thing for you or your business, and that’s ok.  When you do decide to exhibit, have a strategy for every aspect of the show, including break down, to make your life easier.  And at the end of the day, trust your gut and have fun.

We only have 8 seats remaining for Paper Camp in February.  We hope you’ll join us!

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