Overheard at Paper Camp Julie


Julie O’Brien is one of our amazing speakers at TSBC’s Paper Camp, with a range of knowledge and experience in the stationery industry.  Julie’s retail shop Sweet Paper offers wedding and event invitations, personal stationery, party decorations and more.  When it comes to sourcing new products for her shop, Julie says, “I stick with the original.  If a line is too similar to another line, it’s a deal breaker.”  This is such a great reminder to do your own thing.  Buyers want fresh voices and ideas.  If they see a product that looks too much like something they’ve seen before, they are unlikely to buy it.  The good news is that there are ways to get out of the rut and to differentiate yourself.  Jump over to our blog post about Product Differentiation to learn more.  We’ll be covering tips like these, along with other actionable items for your business at Paper Camp in February.  Join us!

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