1. Cultivate an original point of view and a strong brand. 2. Perfect your pitch. 3. Always add value!

— Carina Murray, Crow and Canary

With the summer heating up and Business Camp starting soon, we’re soaking up all the advice we can find!  This quote from Carina Murray of Crow and Canary is a great reminder for stationery folks at every stage of the game, but we especially love applying this advice to those attending upcoming conferences, exhibiting at trade shows, and selling at craft fairs.

For people attending conferences, keep in mind that you never know who you’ll meet.  A concise pitch about your business can help tremendously when you talk to industry peers, as well as potential reps and customers.  For some help perfecting what you want to say, read our elevator pitch advice.  Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure your brand has a strong point of view, and make sure that this comes through in your pitch.

For those exhibiting or selling your work at craft fairs, pay attention to your final preparations for your booth and marketing materials.  Make sure everything is cohesive and really supports your brand’s point of view.  Lastly, whenever you reach out to contacts that you’ve made, add value to your discussions.  For example, let people know about new releases you are working on as well as where they can find you!


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