Paper CampOur February Paper Camp is filling up fast, and we’ve started getting requests for packing lists. Paper Camp isn’t your traditional industry conference; it’s truly an opportunity to learn and grow your business alongside some of your new best friends.

But to have the best experience possible, you’ll want to be prepared. Use our list of packing tips to make sure you have everything you need.

Product Samples

During camp, you’ll have at least two opportunities to talk one-on-one with a camp speaker. This is a great time to show off some samples, ask follow-up questions after their presentations and get to know industry leaders a bit better. Having samples handy will give you a starting ground to talk about your business and any plans you have down the road. And you can get some great feedback from those who have been in the trenches for a while.

Business Cards

You will meet your new biz bff at Paper Camp. We’re sure of it. And you may even meet a new collaboration partner or two. No matter who you’re connecting with, you’ll want to stay in touch. Bring a stack of business cards to hand out so you can find one another again, once you get home.


Paper Camp is all about getting you the information you need so you can move your business forward. We know that it’s easy to come up with questions when you’re working your business, but it’s equally easy for forget them when you’re away. Be sure to come to camp with a list of questions ready. Keep them with you during the presentations and when you’re mingling with other attendees and speakers so you can clear up any confusion you have before you pack up to leave.


This is less a “what to bring” and more of a “what you’ll use” while you’re at Camp. You’ll receive a Paper Camp binder, complete with handouts, a quick reference calendar and planning tools, and we’ll also provide you with a notebook to capture all your big ideas and amazing plans. You’ll be armed with a playbook to help you create or refine your wholesale program and prepare for your tradeshows, and be able to plot dates on your calendar.

If you are joining us for Paper Camp, welcome! We can’t wait to dig in. You’ll be joining a stellar list of Paper Camp alumni who are doing amazing things in their businesses. If you haven’t made up your mind yet, what are you waiting for? We’re almost sold out. Sign up today!

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