Tradeshow Bootcamp Podcast Round-up | productivity, hiring, mindset, legal, licensing art,

Looking for new podcasts to follow?  Below are a few episodes we though you’d enjoy.  They focus on business, mind-set and productivity.  Things we’re all grappling with everyday!

Licensing your content & brand

Legal Road Map with Autumn Witt Boyd | Episode 10
Autumn talks about licensing fundamentals including what it means to license your work, exclusivity vs. non-exclusivity and what to charge, and also how to protect yourself when you license stock photos or art from others.  Key Take Away:  A license is a contract, so be specific and put everything in writing.

The Secret Parallel Universe of Wholesaling

The Strategy Hour  | Episode 21
TSBC founder, Katie Hunt sat down with Emylee and Abagail of Think Creative Collective to talk about what it means to sell wholesale, how to know if you’re ready and how to do shows.  Great primer for those considering selling wholesale!

Conquering your Inner Critic

Work Your Wealth Podcast | Episode 17
Financial planner and money guru, Mary Beth Storjohann sat down with Reina Pomeroy, a life and business coach to talk about how to acknowledge and push through internal negativity and fear.  They talk about decision-making, setting your values and changing your mindset so that you’re celebrating your successes.

The Magic of Monotasking

Productivity Paradox with Tonya Dalton | Episode 10
Tonya Dalton talks about working with focus by practicing monotasking rather than multi-tasking.  She shares how multi-tasking can lead to distraction and when you dedicate yourself to do one thing at one time you’ll be more efficient, effective and feel more productive.   Free download:  5 Minutes to Peak Productivity!

How to Hire Help for your Creative Business

Dear Handmade Life | Episode 49
Listen in as Katie Hunt, Delilah Snell and Nicole Stevenson talk about when to hire help, how to find the right people and the benefits of bringing on help.


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