From emails to newsletters to marketing campaigns, when it comes to your inbox there’s a lot to manage.  One of our favorite solutions is to use MailChimp for the heavy lifting.  MailChimp users send more than 600 million emails every day, and the service provides advanced analytics to help you target and grow your email list, and to know the best time to send messages based on your list’s engagement data.  Even better?  You can schedule message from anywhere, at any time.  With all these features, it’s perfect for the busy entrepreneur.

We’re so pleased that MailChimp is our headlining sponsor at Business Camp.  We can’t think of a better partner for Business Camp, which is all about finding solutions for your growing business.  At Business Camp on July 13, Allyson Van Houten from MailChimp will be presenting on Mixing Marketing Strategies.  Allyson will walk us through successful marketing tactics with a focus on newsletter marketing, blogs, social media and time saving tips on how you can repurpose content for email campaigns.  Later that night, MailChimp will be hosting our closing party.  Not only do we plan to have fun, we know you’ll learn a ton!  Be sure to check out MailChimp, and sign up for Business Camp to see Allyson in person.

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