NSS class of 70 teaser

NSS is celebrating 70 years, and to commemorate the occasion Legion Paper is spearheading a trading card pack with each card commemorating a specific 2016 exhibitor.  At the show, exhibitors will be giving out cards at their booths, and Legion Paper will be giving out a container to hold them all.  This is such a fun concept, and you can bet that exhibitors who appear in the cards will be getting a traffic boost to their booths!  The best part is all confirmed exhibitors have a chance to participate, with a total of about 30 cards making the final pack.

Here are the details: Submit your work at Legion Paper’s site before the deadline of January 31.  All submissions will be reviewed by representatives from Legion Paper, NSS’s Patti Stracher, and Sarah Schwarz of The Paper Chronicles. Sarah has a fantastic blog post about the project, filled with more details and a Pinterest inspiration board, which we urge you to check out.  If you make the final cut, be sure to let us know!

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