At TSBC we’re always on the look out for excellent products and service providers that we can share with our alumni community and friends.  Partnering with businesses that truly understand your needs and provide products / services that save you time, money and headaches are so critical.   Given this, we want to introduce you to Astro Paper & Envelopes!

Tell us about Astro Paper & Envelopes?

At Astro Paper & Envelopes, we are thrilled to help fellow card lovers in getting their business off the ground. We are very flexible and have an amazing customer service team that knows a lot about paper. We’re talking about knowledge you didn’t think one could have involving paper. But the point is that we are here to help you. We are here to get you the right paper and even help you find what you may be looking for.

What types of products do you offer?

We have the ultimate collection of paper stock and envelopes. With our inventory, you are bound to be inspired and dig deep into your creativity. With brands such as Mohawk, Neenah, French, and Gmund, there is such a wide collection of papers and finishes to choose from. With cotton, metallic, and smooth finishes, there is pretty much every color of the rainbow available, and more. In addition, we also have a fairly large collection of digital and pressure sensitive labels. Of course we don’t just stock your average neutral colors, we have both digital paper and pressure sensitive labels available in lots of pretty colors.

Paying attention to the weight of the paper will ultimately make a difference in the end result as well as your satisfaction. We have a variety of text and cover weights in each brand and color we stock.  Some of the cover weight papers come with a single ply, double thick, and even a triple thick option available in the Gmund Cotton line. The single ply is intended for digital press and the thicker cover is more compatible with heavier applications such as letterpress.

Do you offer other services, too?

Yes! Not only do we stock pretty paper, we also offer services such as custom cutting, scoring, and folding. We can take any parent sheet and cut it down to any size, and if needed, score it to make it easier to fold.

Where can we connect with you?

You can visit our website,, and browse our brilliant selection of paper and envelopes. You can also find us on Facebook, tweet us at @AstroPaper, and follow us on Instagram at @astropaper. So let your passion run wild and let us take the journey with you.

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