Trending in Alumni Forum | Craft Show Displays

Summer craft shows are almost upon us and our alums are busy getting ready.  The topic of display options came up in our alumni forum this week and lots of resources, ideas, links and photos were shared, including these beauts!  Trending Craft Show DisplaysTop left is a custom built booth for Sweet Perversion featuring hard walls and hard shelves.  Jeanette digs the look but says it is a pain to set-up.   Top right is a custom case that folds up like a suitcase built by Adam at Life is Funny — super handy and holds 40 cards.  Bottom left is Shayna from Steel Petal Press who uses a 6 tier wire frame counter top display.  And, bottom right is K. Batty Design‘s booth, which utilizes a lot of vintage boxes and a vintage suitcase to house her monogram cards.

What types of displays do you like to use for craft shows?    And, which shows are you doing this summer?

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