One of our goals at TSBC is to help you determine if wholesale opportunities are right for your business.  Recently in our alumni forum one person asked, “Who is doing Etsy Wholesale?  Why or why not?”  This led to a deep discussion of the pros and cons.  Some business owners found it to be a great way to connect with new wholesale accounts, while other shops declined because it would mean paying double commission in territories where they already have reps.

There are so many ways to find new wholesale accounts, even if you’re a self-proclaimed, “bad salesperson.”  Between hiring sales reps, trying out services like Etsy Wholesale, and reaching out to stores yourself, there are options!  To help you find the path that’s right for you, we highly recommend joining us at our upcoming Paper Camp.  In addition to actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, you’ll join our alumni community for camaraderie, advice, and support well after the event.  There are just a handful of spots left, register today!

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