Fig. 2 Design Studio Catalog in the Making

Fig. 2 Design Studio Catalog in the Making

Catalogs are on the minds of several of our alumni right now as they prep for #nss2016 so I want to share just a few reminders:

1. Give yourself plenty of time to create your catalog, especially if it’s your first time building one. They often take longer than you think to layout and you’ll need to have your photos, product descriptions and terms & conditions ironed out before you start.  So plan ahead and create a schedule!

2. Proof, proof, proof your catalog. Then check again. Ask friends to take a look with fresh eyes with a focus on spelling, grammar and ensuring product numbers are correct.  If you have the time, order a hard copy proof to review, too. Mistakes happen but taking your time and having several people review your catalog will help avoid them.

3. Extend the life of your catalog by dating it across two years (Ex. 2016-17). You should still be releasing new products throughout the year, but you can add loose slip sheets to add your new release until you reprint your catalog.

4. Product descriptions are critical.  Make sure to include all the details a buyer needs to know to confidently place an order.  Include important details about size, wholesale price, minimum order quantities, materials used and any special details about how the products are created.

For more information about creating a wholesale catalog, check out Katie’s Creating an Effective Catalog course on CreativeLive.

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