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Here at TSBC we’re all about helping you decide if exhibiting at large wholesale shows are the right step for your business, and, if so, we’ll give you all the tools you need to maximize your time and financial investment. The show we get asked about most frequently (and have the most experience with) is the National Stationery Show which takes place in New York each May.

In 2015, over 65 TSBC alumni exhibited at the National Stationery Show (aka NSS) and a very large number were selected as finalists in the Best New Product awards.

So what are the Best New Product awards?

Each year NSS exhibitors are invited to submit new products for consideration in 7 categories.  Applying is easy;  You submit product descriptions plus photos or vector art online and it is free for exhibitors to submit one item for each category:

  • Paper Love
  • DIY
  • Celebrations
  • Lifestyle
  • The Desktop
  • All Things Wedding
  • Eco Chic
  • Seasonal Greats

Best New Product submissions are typically due in mid-April and finalists are notified a couple of weeks before NSS.  If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll be invited to display your product(s) in the Best New Product pavilion at Javits, which is great exposure for your brand and drive s a good amount of traffic to your booth!

When creating your best new product display be sure to include your company name / logo, booth number, URL, social media handle and other pertinent information to help buyers find you on the show floor

At TSBC, we’re a big fan of the Best New Product awards.  They are free opportunity to garner more attention for your brand, your products and to drive traffic to your booth — even if you don’t win an award

Details about the 2016 Best New Product awards will be shared with exhibitors this fall.  Keep an eye on your NSS newsletters for further details!

Photos via National Stationery Show, a sponsor of our September 2015 Paper Camp.

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