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There are a number of options for booth sizes and configurations at wholesale trade shows, and each has pros and cons.  Today Allison Brennan, co-owner of The Social Type, is with us to weigh in on her experiences with a double corner booth at NSS.  The Social Type is a paper and gift company based in Los Angeles.  They will be exhibiting at the NSS in 2016, for their fifth consecutive show.  Here are three things Allison wishes she knew before choosing a double booth.

1. NY NOW booth sizes vary (compared to NSS booths) and we won’t be able to use the exact configuration if we decide to also exhibit at NY NOW. We wish we would have planned ahead when building and shipping our booth so that we could easily convert our double booth to use in a booth space at NY NOW. We are now storing our crate in NJ so reconfiguring it, and sending new pieces and parts will be challenging.

2. The carpeting that Javits rolls through the aisle after set-up doesn’t hit exactly where you think it will. When we were done with our set up, we placed all of our extra foam flooring back in our crate to be stored until the show’s end. Unfortunately we didn’t realize ahead of time that our floor wouldn’t extend to the carpet. It wasn’t a huge issue, but it bugged us that you could see about 5″ of concrete between our floor and the aisle carpeting. Had we kept extra tiles out, we could have easily fixed the problem. We didn’t run into this issue when we were in-line.

3. Having Javits Union Workers install your lights is much easier! We had planned on installing our own lights/electrical at the show, but when it came down to the wire (no pun intended) we asked Exhibitor Services to do it. It saved time and was totally worth the couple extra bucks! We will certainly have them do it again for future shows. Unless you’re an electrical wiz, save yourself from the hassle, especially as your booth grows in size.

*We purchased LED clamp lights (6 for a double corner), and brought our own power strips and extension cords.

Thanks, Allison!  We really love the tip about planning ahead.  It’s great to keep your options flexible for different types of exhibits as you never know where your business will go in the future.

What are 3 things you wish you knew before…?  Send an email to Katie at



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